Lawn Services You Must Get Done Before Memorial Day!

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Lawn Services You Must Get Done Before Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is speedily approaching. It is the first gigantic event of the “summer” season and a statement that says you are eagerly anticipating the hot weather this summer. 

Of course, more often than not, Memorial Day is the first gigantic BBQ of the year. We all know that in New York, we do things differently and better! We just found out the Jets and Giants football schedules, and we are here for some BBQ and sports! As football has to wait a little longer, BBQ season is here! (For now, we can watch Yankees and Mets baseball! As well as the Brooklyn Nets and New York Knicks in the NBA Playoffs!) 

We decided to make this week’s blog about your Memorial Day BBQ to celebrate the upcoming holiday. In this blog, we, unfortunately, will not be writing about the most popular dishes or foods or some great recipes (although that would be nice!), but instead, we will be talking about what lawn services you need to do for your property to have it ready for Memorial Day! 

The services that need to be done to your yard before your Memorial Day Bash are: 

  • Seasonal Cleanups
  • Mulching
  • Mowing
  • Drainage
  • Trimming

You can go back on our website to view and read our older written blogs that go further into detail about each lawn service we provide here at Kustom Lawn Kare and their benefits. This blog will be more about why you need to have these things done before your Memorial Day BBQ!

Let us begin! 

What will a seasonal cleanup service do for my yard?

Although spring seems to be done, it is never too late to do a seasonal cleanup. A spring cleanup or seasonal cleanup will help clean off unwanted things on your lawn like fallen branches, dead leaves, fallen debris, and other things you want to be removed from your property. A seasonal cleanup also permits your lawn to breathe again for the very first time since the winter. 

Once your lawn can breathe freely again, the process of reviving your turf begins, and that starts with a well-done seasonal cleanup. A seasonal cleanup service also supports the deterrence of unwanted pests and disease from entering your property. It is the perfect service to have done before an event like a cookout or BBQ because your yard will look brand new, fresh, and vigorous again! The ideal atmosphere for any BBQ! 

What does a mulching service do for my yard?

Mulching is another pivotal service that should be done before you have a BBQ! Mulch will provide more important nutrients that your soil cannot get anywhere else! It will also support the nutrients that your yard gets from the fertilizing service you had done as well! 

Another wonderful thing about mulch is that sometimes you are given the option of obtaining mulch with different colors and scents. If you go with that option, it would be a great idea to acquire a colorful, or great smelling mulch, like a cocoa mulch, since it will add yet another exceptional level of atmosphere and appeal that you are trying to bring out during your event. It will definitely be something that will be brought up and talked about at your Memorial Day BBQ Cookout this year! 

What will a mowing service do for my yard?

Getting a mowing service done properly in your yard will help maintain the grass. It will keep it healthy and at the proper height, as it should be. This creates a striking and stunning yard that will be sure to impress your guests! 

Believe it when we say that absolutely no one wants to go to a BBQ at your house and look at a dead yard full of dead grass! It leaves a weird feeling and impression, and people will leave your property talking about the harsh conditions of your yard, to the point where they might not want to come back when you host your next event! 

What does a drainage service do for my yard?

A drainage service is an often-forgotten service that should be done to your yard. You want to ensure that you have a properly installed and working drainage system for your property before hosting a large event. Drainage is essential as it helps limit and prevents water runoff.

If you have water runoff on your property, your lawn and yard will be constantly wet and filled with diseased and over-watered plant life, which leads to a damp and gross-looking space when it comes time to host events like a Memorial Day BBQ! 

What does a trimming service do for my yard?

Trimming is a significant service for your yard, especially during the summer season. This will trim, cut, and prune your trees, shrubs, bushes, and hedges. It also gives you control of selecting the length and width of all the plant life on your property, including your natural barriers. In a sense, a trimming service “styles” the natural barriers of your yard and property. Beyond providing a service, trimming helps improve the overall atmosphere and ambiance. 

When the trimming is completed correctly, it will get rid of any collapsed, damaged, dead or diseased branches, as well as all the dead pieces of your plant life that require removal. This is perfect for any BBQ because it almost guarantees that no pests will ruin your event, and if by chance there is a huge wind, no branches or leaves will be blowing into any of your guests! 

So, it’s time to start planning your Memorial Day BBQ! Make that Spotify or Apple Music playlist, prepare the BBQ sauce, order enough food and drinks for everyone, and leave the yard prep to the professionals!

If you are a resident of Olean, Cuba, Cuba Lake, NY, or their bordering areas, then you can call the professionals at Kustom Lawn Kare today!

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