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One-Stop Landscaping Services for Cuba Homes and Businesses

Why let Kustom Lawn Kare take care of your lawn care and landscaping in Cuba, NY? Local home and business owners take pride in their properties. But keeping a New York home or business looking its best takes a great deal of time and energy.

As leaders in lawn care and landscaping, our team will take care of every detail to give you more time to focus on more important things. Kustom Lawn Kare is your one-stop shop for landscaping design, maintenance, and much more!

Save with Professional Lawn Care and Maintenance

Healthy green grass goes a long way toward making your property look well cared for. However, keeping up with the maintenance for a perfectly manicured lawn is challenging for busy property owners. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution with our lawn care professionals.

Instead of spending hours on lawn maintenance, why not trust the certified professionals at Kustom Lawn Kare? We can keep your Cuba, NY, property’s landscaping thriving and beautiful, providing comprehensive, hassle-free lawn care services customized to your needs.

Lawn Mowing 

Did you know that we provide residential and commercial lawn mowing services for Cuba properties of any size? We’ll create a custom mowing schedule that keeps your grass at the perfect length for maximum health. Regular mowing services also include edging and trimming, as well as the clean-up of clippings.

Weed Control

Unchecked weeds quickly take over flower beds, making even the most beautiful landscape design look unruly or poorly maintained. With us, you can relax knowing that we manually remove invasive weeds from all your landscape beds, preventing spreading and keeping your yard looking neat.

Seasonal Cleanup

Why not let us take care of seasonal tasks like post-winter debris removal and leaf raking? Our seasonal cleanup services keep your Cuba property hazard-free and tidy. We even haul the debris away when we finish, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces With Custom Lawn Care and Landscaping in Cuba, NY

Professional landscaping increases your property’s aesthetic appeal and overall value. Our certified landscape design and installation professionals use hardscape features, tree and shrub plantings, and flower beds to enhance your property’s natural and architectural elements.

Professional Landscape Design 

Every landscaping project begins with a consultation where we discuss your vision and evaluate your property’s features so we can make the best recommendations for the space. We’ll present several design options, working with you to settle on the perfect arrangement. 

What can our certified professionals do for you? We will help you select the perfect plants and landscape elements to boost curb appeal, create a backyard retreat, or refresh your existing landscape. 

Landscape Installation and Maintenance

When our crew starts work on the installation, we provide all plantings, materials, and more. Do you want to add hardscape features like patios, walkways, and retaining walls? We have the skills and equipment to enhance the design, increase outdoor space, and improve your property.

From weeding or seasonal color updates to trimming, pruning, and mulching, our Kustom Lawn Kare professionals make landscape maintenance simple and stress-free.

Reliable Snow Removal 

When New York’s notorious winter weather strikes, don’t scramble to find help with snow removal—call Kustom Lawn Kare. We offer reliable snow removal services for residential and commercial clients in Cuba, NY, and surrounding areas. 

Avoid safety hazards and potential liability by letting us manage the plowing and snow removal. We can even apply ice melt to slick surfaces and haul snow away from your property.

Drainage Services Protect Your Property 

Have you noticed pooling water on your property every time it rains? If you are seeing erosion and other water-related issues, be sure to talk to us about drainage and water management solutions. We can help you protect your property from water damage with French drains, riprap stone walls, grading, and other water drainage techniques.

Efficient Excavation for Homes and Businesses

You can confidently call on Kustom Lawn Kare whenever a lawn or landscaping project requires heavy equipment. Our experienced crew does the following efficiently:

  • Clear land
  • Remove brus
  • Excavate land for septic tanks, swimming pools, and other projects

Our fleet of backhoes, bush hogs, and other equipment handles excavation services for commercial and residential purposes in Cuba, NY. We also offer gravel driveway installation and repair.

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Kustom Lawn Kare is proud to be the leading provider of lawn care and landscaping services in and around Cuba, NY. With years of experience and a comprehensive menu of services, we provide high-quality landscaping services and much more. We also stand behind our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call Kustom Lawn Kare at (716) 378-4373 today to request an estimate on easy lawn care and landscaping in Cuba, NY.

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