The Top 4 Lawn Care Mistakes You Can Make This Spring!

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The Top 4 Lawn Care Mistakes You Can Make This Spring!

The season is here! The season to watch your lawn flourish and bloom and continue to thrive throughout the next six-plus months. However, some people make crucial mistakes while caring for their lawn and prevent their property from flourishing!

We realize that many people tend to start the spring by getting their lawn ready DIY style. We are not judging you for that, nor do we condone your efforts. We actually love when people enjoy working outside on their lawn and dabble in this green industry we all enjoy.

With that said, when it comes to servicing your lawn or doing certain tasks, we highly recommended using professionals. DIY projects are fun, enjoyable, and, more often than not, lead to devastation. It can lead to dead lawns, diseased lawns, an unhealthy growing environment for all your plant life.

This week’s blog will focus on the Top 4 errors people make when caring for their lawn on their own. These are very common mistakes, so do not judge yourself too harshly if you find that you are guilty of some of them. This blog aims to teach you so that you can avoid these mistakes and pay attention to the small details when it comes to lawn care. 

Here are the top four areas where the most lawn care mistakes happen: 

  1. Watering
  2. Mowing
  3. Weed Killer/Weed Prevention
  4. Fertilizer

These often come as surprises as they seem like such simple services. The mistakes happen in the small details. These four services are vitally important to your lawn’s overall health and need to be done correctly. These services ultimately help keep your lawn in pristine condition and allow your grass to add both curb appeal and increase your property value, so you do not want to make any mistakes. 

How often and how much should you water a lawn?

Who would have thought that watering your lawn would be in the top mistakes people make. Something that seems so simple and has been a part of lawn care since, well, lawns. The mistakes made when it comes to watering often involve when to water and what amount to use. 

Experts say that you should water your lawn with an inch of water each week. Now that doesn’t seem too difficult. But wait, there is a catch! Rainfall is included within that total amount. So you risk over-watering or under-watering because, more often than not, people do not take into account the rainfall amounts of the week when watering their lawn. 

Now you must check on your lawn to see if there is an issue. If you see puddles forming, then your turf is being over-watered. If you see your grass is dried out, more than likely, your lawn is under-watered. 

Make sure you check the local news for rain totals or have an irrigation system installed on your property to help keep track of your lawn’s water intake. 

How often should you mow a lawn?

The problem that pops up with mowing is the number of times you mow and how much you take off. You do not want to over- mow your lawn in the same sense as over-watering. By over-mowing your law, you are causing damage to your grassroots. If the roots become damaged, they will not be able to absorb their much-needed nutrients and can start to decay, leading to the untimely death of your lawn.

You want to mow your lawn until it is at the height of two and a half to three inches. That is the recommended height your grass should be to maintain its health and be able to thrive. In one act of mowing, you should not remove more than a third of the grass’s height that is currently occupying the lawn to get the best results. 

How much herbicide should be applied to a lawn?

The mistake people often make with herbicide occurs during its application process. It is not a mistake made regularly, but it often happens when people do not use a precise amount of herbicide during application. If you end up applying too much herbicide to your lawn, it has the potential to damage the entire thing. Certain herbicides are dangerous to pets, children, your garden, as well.

The suggestion made when it comes to herbicide is that you shouldn’t apply it immediately when you start to see weeds. It is instead said that you should manually pull them out to avoid using herbicide altogether. 

If you have a large property or certain circumstances where you cannot manually pull out your weeds, you need to research what herbicide is suitable for your specific lawn. When you find the correct herbicide, apply a small amount during the day when your family is away and your pet has already been out. This helps to prevent contact with the herbicide for a more extended period.  

When is the right time to apply fertilizer? How much fertilizer should I use?

There are also mistakes made when fertilizing. One of the basic mistakes people make is fertilizing during the wrong season. Fertilizer should be applied to your lawn when your lawn is at its peak. Your grass needs to be thriving and growing to benefit from fertilizer. In that case, the seasons to fertilize are spring and fall. Fertilizing during those seasons will get you the best results, and your fertilizer will be able to do its job correctly. 

Another mistake people make with fertilizer involves its application. When you apply too much fertilizer, it prevents the roots from growing properly and could potentially lead to a burnt lawn. It is recommended that you start with three applications per season.  

What’s the real solution to all these mistakes?

The number one solution to solving these problems is hiring a professional. We will make sure that your lawn is cared for correctly, and if any of these problems persist, we will be there to help. Here at Kustom Lawn Kare, we provided the services needed to avoid these issues.

Hiring professional guarantees the job will be done perfectly, and you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the service. 

If you are a resident of Olean, Cuba, Cuba Lake, NY, or their adjoining areas, call our professionals at Kustom Lawn Kare today for a free estimate! 

Do not forget to ask us about our other outdoor solutions as well!

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