Why Is It Important to Trim Your Hedges and Shrubs?

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Why Is It Important to Trim Your Hedges and Shrubs?

This week’s blog will discuss the importance of hedge and shrub trimming. It is an essential service for your landscape and happens to be a service we offer here at Kustom Lawn Kare. 

We know that a well-manicured landscape looks amazing but requires work. Especially when you or your guests feel like your hedges or shrubs are closing in on them. That is not a feeling you want as a homeowner, and we are sure that is not a feeling you want your guests to have when they come over to visit. 

What are the benefits of trimming my hedges and shrubs?

Trimming your hedges, bushes and shrubs definitely provide curb appeal to your property. With the pristine look or properly trimmed hedges and shrubs, combined with the essence of curb appeal, this service will help increase the value of your property. As exciting as that sounds, there are many more benefits to trimming your hedges and shrubs. The rest of this blog will discuss these benefits a bit further. 

Why are trimmed shrubs an asset to your property? : 

  • They act as a natural barrier.
  • They keep away pests and disease. 
  • They provide safety. 
  • Trimming encourages growth. 
  • Trimming gives you control of your landscape!

Let’s dig deeper into these benefits of hedge and shrub trimming! 

Do hedges and shrubs act as natural barriers for my property?

Yes, hedges and shrubs are the perfect natural barrier! Bushes and trees are also great barriers, and the combination of the four work really well to create a lovely natural border. Hedges and shrubs make your landscape more sustainable when providing a sort of natural fence. It adds more privacy by preventing neighbors or people passing by from looking into your property. 

Is trimming hedges and shrubs a form of prevention from pests?

It is a fact that trimming your hedges and shrubs will absolutely lower the chances of pests and insects on your landscape or property. Not only does trimming your hedges and shrubs prevent pests and insects, but it also prevents the growth of disease on your landscape and property. Trimming your hedges and shrubs ultimately removes diseased parts of your plant life or even removes the entire dead plant itself. In turn, this lowers the risk of a pest or insect infestation in your hedges and shrubs.  

What effect can trimming hedges and shrubs have on my property or landscape?

One major effect trimming hedges and shrubs will have on your property or landscape is providing safety. Safety from mother nature is definite when trimming. When the weather outside gets extreme with heavy winds and a large amount of rainfall or hail, this can damage your property or landscape. When you trim or prune your hedges and shrubs correctly, you are decreasing the chances of loose branches flying into your car or other parts of your property. Proper trimming can prevent scratches and other types of damage.

How do trimming hedges and shrubs promote growth on my landscape?

Trimming your hedges and shrubs promotes the growth of your entire landscape. As mentioned before, trimming these natural barriers will ultimately keep unwanted pests, insects, and diseases from entering your landscape. All your plant life can benefit from this! Besides that, the actual act of trimming stimulates growth for the hedges and shrubs. By carefully angling your cuts, you can help the branches to grow in the right direction. This prevents them from competing with each other and crisscrossing. When the branches are growing in the right direction, the entire plant will be healthier. 

How do I take control of my landscape?

Trimming your hedges and shrubs gives you some control over your landscape. By trimming them, you control your plant life’s height, width, and direction of growth. Being in control of the size of your hedges, shrubs, and bushes gives you control of your landscape. 

Now that we discussed all the benefits of trimming your hedges and shrubs let us take the blog’s remainder to answer some frequently asked questions about hedge and shrub trimming. 

When is the right time of year to trim my hedges and shrubs?

The right time of year to trim your hedges and shrubs is during the spring and fall seasons. Now there is a large timeline within those seasons. The exact time to trim is absolutely based on your specific hedges or shrubs. If your hedges and shrubs are overgrown, then you should trim them as soon as possible. When it comes to trimming other plant life, like flowering plants, you want to trim them after they are flowered completely. When it comes to non-flowering plants, you should trim them during your spring clean-up and late into the winter season. 

We are currently approaching the spring season, so now is the time to start watching your hedges and shrubs and check to see if they need to be trimmed. 

Why should I hire professionals to trim my hedges and shrubs?

One reason you should hire professionals to trim your hedges and shrubs is safety. Using trimming tools is a safety hazard and is considered dangerous, especially if they are not used properly or by someone who is not skilled enough to trim. The proper personal protective gear is also required. 

Keep in mind that we mentioned a ton of benefits that come with hedge and shrub trimming throughout this blog if it is done perfectly and properly. The only way to ensure that the trim is done perfectly and properly is to go with the experts. We hire or go-to professionals for every other thing in our life, so why not for trimming? 

If you are a resident of Olean, Cuba, Cuba Lake, NY, or their neighboring areas, call the professionals at Kustom Lawn Kare care for your hedge and shrub trimming service today! Do not forget to ask us about our other lawn maintenance and landscaping services as well! 

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