The Importance of Weed Control on Your Property This Summer!

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The Importance of Weed Control on Your Property This Summer!

This is the time of year that you need to care for your lawn during its peak seasons of spring and summer. We want to do our part at Kustom Lawn Kare to provide as much help and support as we can to make sure your lawn is healthy, stable, thriving and will be available to be enjoyed by you and your guests this summer, as well as all year long.

Of course, let us also remind you that Kustom Lawn Kare is here to help you with all your lawn care needs and will be more than happy to service your lawn and property!

This week’s blog is going to take about weeds and how to control them this summer. We wanted to take time out and discuss this important topic regarding lawns despite us not providing a specific weed/herbicide service. However, it is something very important for you to know as well as a common topic that people make mistakes with when it comes to their lawn care.

Now let us get into weeds!

Preventing weeds from growing and showing up on your lawn or landscape is nearly impossible. Some will form, but weeds can be a serious problem and cause huge issues for you and your property if you do not take care of the issue. Weeds tend to take away all the essential nutrients and steal everything else from the rest of your lawn and landscape. Weeds steal:

  • Water
  • Nutrients
  • Sunlight
  • Energy
  • Space
  • Attentions

Weeds are a grave problem and, when being dealt with, can steal the much-needed attention that should be given to your lawn care routine. Weeds are also very harmful and can even be potentially poisonous. These nasty little invaders can ultimately kill your lawn over time and also even harm you and others on your property!

Weed’s primary way of causing damage is by killing your lawn or landscape by not allowing it to live or even grow healthily. On top of that, weeds carry and serve as host to other lawn diseases and bring around unwanted pests. Bringing in unwanted pests and other potential lawn diseases will add more damage to your property. Weeds have a short lifespan of just a few weeks but still will kill your lawn or landscape over time, as they will just keep re-spawning if you do not get rid of them as fast as you can.

How can I prevent weeds from forming on my lawn?

Two vital ways to try and prevent weeds from forming on your lawn or landscape are:

Pre-emergent is a type of weed killer that also goes by the name or title of herbicide. Preemergents should be used before the weeds on your landscape have already formed. Some people tend to use preemergents when they first spot weeds on their property, which is a mistake. You want to avoid the issue of weeds and not act on them when they arrive. Applying a preemergent after the weeds have already started forming on your property is acting too late.

Digging is often associated with making weeds spawn and start to form on your lawn or landscape. This is why it is recommended that fruits, vegetables, or garden plant life be placed in pots to avoid digging on your property. The less you dig, the less likely weeds will form and spawn on your property.

The second thing you can do to fight weeds is fertilizing. Adding fertilizer is essential to your lawn, as it helps your lawn kill weeds, while also maintaining your lawn’s durability and strength during its peak seasons, such as the summer that we are currently in.

Fertilizer also helps maintain your entire lawn and landscape’s health and gives it its best chance to thrive and bloom. Fertilizer also works great when you have less space for spread due to thicker grass.

How do I get rid of the weeds on my lawn?

Just like there are two options when it comes to preventing weeds from forming, there are two options when it comes to getting rid of them as well:

  • Post-emergent
  • Manually

Post-emergent again is another form of herbicide. There are so many options to choose from in terms of herbicide. It is highly recommended that you research this topic because the type of herbicide that is right for your lawn depends on your individual lawn and landscape and its specific condition. The most recommended herbicide to use is the organic form. This is because some herbicides are dangerous and toxic to you, your family, and your pets.

When it comes to the herbicide, make sure you do your due diligence in terms of research, buy and choose a reliable herbicide and apply it during a day where your pets and family can safely avoid it.

Since herbicide is considered dangerous, the alternative and highly recommended first step in the removal process of weeds is for you to remove them manually. This is something we do here at Kustom Lawn Kare as part of our services!

You want to hand pull the weeds out, root and all, to prevent them from coming back. Pulling them up when you first see them and the attempt to avoid using herbicide is highly suggested. Of course, if you have a tremendous lawn or landscape or have a situation where you cannot manually remove them, call a professional for help!

Hiring a professional to help rid your problem of weeds is highly recommended, so they can eradicate the weeds in one shot and do it properly!

If you are a resident of Olean, Cuba, Cuba Lake, NY, or their bordering areas, you can call the professionals at Kustom Lawn Kare today!

Do not forget to ask us about our other lawn care and landscaping services as well!

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